Welcome to Busking.com
a dream of mine for over 33 years

It is an amazing feeling when you start to realise that this dream can become a Reality and a Business as technology becomes more and more in tune with my dream.

It is only now that Busking.com can function as a business due to fast internet and prolific acceleration of online technology i.e: iTunes, Sound Cloud, Shopping online, video streaming and sound recording technology.

Meet the Buskers

Search our database for registered Buskers, view their profiles and Busking Calendar and how you can contribute to their careers, join Busking.com and see a few useful links.

Busking Café

Coming soon…..a Busking Café to promote buskers and create a meeting place for all buskers in various Cities.

Busking Videos

A few videos which really show some of the talent and potential of some of the buskers around the world.

Busking Events

Current and past events that have been dedicated to buskers to display their talents.


I have taken 100’s of photographs in over 110 Cities over 33 years. All these photographs of the Music Buskers were taken by me and in the various Cities, and I had the opportunity to talk to certain authorities as to how they managed the Music Buskers in their City.